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Scanmed St. Raphael Hospital


Scanmed St. Raphael Hospital, Cracow

The St. Raphael Hospital in Cracow, Poland is one of the most modern hospitals in Europe. We offer the world-class services using the latest technology for the protection of the life and health of our Patients. We managed to integrate a team of outstanding experts being the known and respected authorities in their field, so we are a leader in providing the Medical services. Our services are used by international athletes and sports organizations in the world.

The St. Raphael Hospital offers you the highest quality surgical procedures in the field of:

  • orthopedics
  • neurosurgery
  • general surgery
  • one-day surgery
  • plastic surgery
  • urology
  • surgical dermatology

Excellent  service is compliant with:

  • The St. Raphael Hospital was named the Chosen Medical Centre of UEFA EURO 2012™
  • ACC REDI TATION CE R TIFICA TE is sued by the Minister of Health No. 2011/1
  • Certificate ISO 9001: 2008

The St. Raphael Hospital in Numbers:

  • More than 10,000 surgical procedures per year
  • 40 specialized clinics for adults and children
  • More than 30,000 specialist Medical consultations per year
  • Staff consisting of over 200 physicians and 150 support staff
  • 6,000 of CT examinations, 4,000 of x-ray examinations and 2,000 mammograms execute per year

We provide:

  • hospital treatment and outpatient procedures
  • professional medical staff
  • high quality service
  • a comfortable stay (single or double air-conditioned rooms with access to the Internet, TV, telephone and specialized paging system)
  • world- class medical care
  • equipment meeting international standards
  • twenty-four-hour patient care
  • service in the patient’s native language

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To get more information about  St. Raphael Hospital or to book the treatment, please call +48 32 720 59 27 or email enquiry@medical-tourism-poland.com, or simply use the contact form below.

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