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OPTIMUM Head and Neck Clinic

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We are a modern multidisciplinary medical facility which provides professional medical services in the field of head and neck disorders. Our primary specialty is laryngology (otorhinolaryngology). Our large team comprehensively solves all problems related to the upper respiratory tract and the organs of head and neck. Our team consists also of physicians of such specialties as: audiology and phoniatry, allergology, endocrinology, ultrasonography, clinical pathology, oncological surgery of head and neck, gastroenterology, pulmonology, dermatology, facial plastic surgery. Apart from the knowledge and experience of our team, we will provide you access to the newest technology and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods. In addition to comprehensive diagnostics and conservative treatment, we also offer surgical treatment. We specialize in a minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, including endoscopic procedures in the area of submandibular and parotid salivary glands as the only non-public centre in Mazowsze region. Our clinic is equipped for the most demanding procedures – we have intraoperative navigation, shaver and nasal irrigation system. We also offer the newest endoscopic technique to unblock the paranasal sinuses only one of its kind in the world – the so-called balonoplasty with the use of intraoperative navigated systems.

Optimum Clinic is equipped with innovative devices and uses inventive medical procedures which give us possibility of providing services unavailable in other centres in Warsaw.

Optimum head and neck clinic

Optimum head and neck clinic


The scope of medical procedures offered:

1. Diagnostic procedures

1.1. Endoscopic examination of the nose and paranasal sinuses (photo and video documentation)

1.2. Endoscopic examination (fibreoptic bronchoscopy in children) of nasopharynx (photo and video documentation)

1.3. Endoscopic examination of the larynx (photo and video documentation)

1.4. Videolaryngostroboscopy (photo and video documentation) – endoscopic examination of the larynx in strobe light

1.5. Acoustic analysis of voice

1.6. Diagnostic audiology

1.6.1. Impedance audiometry Tympanogram Stapedius reflexes Assessment of Eustachian tube patency Suprathreshold tests

1.6.2. Pure tone audiometry

1.6.3. Verbal audiometry

1.6.4. Otoacoustic emissions (DP-OAE)

1.7. Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)

1.7.1. Of paranasal sinuses

1.7.2. Of temporomandibular joints

1.7.3. Of bite (orthodontics, orthognathic surgery)

1.8. Diagnostic sialoendoscopy – endoscopic examination of parotid and submandibular salivary glands

2. Outpatient surgical procedures

2.1. Laser therapy of recurrent epistaxis (laser diode)

2.2. Laser removal of cancerous changes within the nasal cavity, oral cavity and pharynx (CO2 laser, laser diode)

2.3. Laser assisted uvulopalatoplasty – LAUP (CO2 laser)

2.4. Laser removal of birthmarks and neoplastic skin lesions

2.5. Intervention sialoendoscopy – endoscopic treatment of salivary stones, obstruction of salivary gland ducts


We have the most modern equipment, such as:

1. Diagnostic microscope,

2. Endoscopic systems,

3. Laryngological units,

4. Devices to perform audiometric diagnostics,

5. Devices to perform phoniatric diagnostics with stroboscopy,

6. Cabin for a hearing test,

7. Rigid endoscopes,

8. Flexible endoscopes,

9. CT scanner,

10. MyLab 60 ultrasound,

11. Laser diode,

12. Fractional laser,

13. Videolaryngoscope

14. Visual tracking,

15. Monitor of the facial nerve.

Our goal is to provide high standard of service and satisfaction of patients who with friendly and professional medical team of Optimum Clinic have possibility of undergoing comprehensive diagnostic tests and, if necessary, outpatient and surgical procedures.


So far OPTIMUM has successfully treated patients from United Kingdom.

Medical staff speaks: English and Russian.

Payment methods: money transfer, credit cards, cash


To get more information about OPTIMUM or to book the treatment, please call +48 32 720 59 27 or email enquiry@medical-tourism-poland.com, or simply use the contact form below.


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