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Dental Center Z3









Dental Center Z3 is a state-of-the-art clinic utilizing professional medical equipment and competent personnel, providing a wide range of dental services.

The feature of this Clinic is its unique location. It is situated by the Baltic Sea in a Polish resort town KoĊ‚obrzeg, offering an exceptional opportunity to combine a holiday by the seaside with dental treatment. It is an appealing option for those who have little free time. They have a chance to spare a few hours a day to sort out their health issues, namely dental health, while on vacation.


- X-ray tomography CS 8100 3D;

- preventive care;

- dental therapy;

- endodontic treatment;

- dental restoration;

- periodentistry;

- implantology;

- dental surgery;

- paediatric dentistry.


Dental Center z3 chair


Advantages of Dental Center Z3:

- the prices are often half what you’d pay at home;

- the doctors are experts with world-class success rates;

- unique location of the Clinic enabling to combine treatment with a vacation on the Baltic coast;

- modern European clinic with all relevant facilities;

- Italian premium-class dental equipment Stern Weber S200+;

- the Clinic also has an X-ray scanner dental panoramic X-ray system CS 8100 3D

So far Dental Center Z3 has successfully treated patients from Poland, United Kingdom, German, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Ukraine.

Medical staff speaks: clinic personnel is fluent in English, German and Russian.

Payment methods: credit cards, cash

To get more information about Dental Center Z3 or to book the treatment, please call +48 32 720 59 27 or email enquiry@medical-tourism-poland.com, or simply use the contact form below.


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