“Broker” or “Medical Tourism Facilitator”. What do you search for?


Have you ever wondered what is the difference between those two? Interesting approach has been presented by Medical Tourism Magazine. A broker will broker a deal for his commission from a hospital overseas. Brokers are not healthcare professionals. They do not know anything about medical procedures. They vehemently advertise, pick on a vulnerable person, and put them on to the hospital and receive their commission, which is their ultimate goal.

Whereas a “Medical Tourism Facilitator” is usually a professional organization, run by professionals with a back ground in healthcare, with a panel of experienced physicians and surgeons who are able to read and analyze reports, talk to the patient’s physician and then decide which facility will be best for a particular ailment. The Medical Tourism Facilitator would have binding agreements with internationally accredited hospitals they deal with to provide medical services on par with international standards, the credentials and experience of the surgeons are verified, the standards of the hospitals checked and verified. The Medical Tourism Facilitator receives all medical reports, consults with the panel of surgeons and doctors, and decides which facility fits the needs of the patient.
This portal aims to be professional medical tourism facilitator. Full article is available on:



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